Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Alicia has been photographing weddings locally and internationally since 2013.


“As a kid my friend and I used to have photoshoots and shoot the weirdest short films. That is where photography started for me. I began shooting professionally when I was asked to take family portraits in exchange for turkey dinner. Since then, my passion for photography and videography has grown into an art and business I am proud of.

Weddings are my jam. My first wedding was in France, in a castle, and it was amazing. I am a strong believer in love and there is nothing more special to me than being trusted to capture your wedding. I believe in human connection and I strive not only to create a professional relationship with my clients, but a trusting friendship where my clients feel comfortable enough to show their true connection in front of me and my camera. I am also a strong believer in truth and authenticity. For me that means not staging every image, not trying to make your wedding appear perfect, but capturing your day genuinely, accepting every emotion.

Weddings and business aside, photography is a hobby for me, and I love to photograph day to day life. Moments where the sun is shining through the window just right, or my friends at a dinner party. My favourite is to bring my camera on a hike and get some good snaps of the rugged NS coastline.”

"Alicia goes above and beyond." Mark & Kayley

"We can't believe how beautifully you captured our wedding day. You a such a talented photographer, and just an all around wonderful person to have around." Edwin & Jessica

"Our wedding photos are more than we could have hoped for!” Tim & Julia