Wedding & Portrait Photography

Specializing in story telling

What we do: Alicia Hoyt Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography. We also offer wedding videography services. Alicia has been capturing weddings professionally since 2013.

Our approach: Alicia’s primary focus is to allow her photographs to tell a story. “I want my images to be authentic. For me that means not not staging every image, not trying to make your wedding appear perfect, but capturing your day genuinely, accepting every emotion. I view my job as a photographer to capture life truthfully.” Alicia encourages her clients to enjoy their wedding and trust that she will capture the natural flow of their day.

Who should hire us: We want to work with couples who are young in their spirit and deep in their love. Those that are energetic, inspired, and emotionally charged. They know themselves, they know their partner. They are able to be present in the moment, make space for beauty to be felt, and aren’t afraid to get their shoes dirty. They laugh, they cry, they break it down on the dance floor.




Hello, my name is Alicia and I am the face behind Alicia Hoyt Photography.

As a kid my friend and I used to have photoshoots and shoot the weirdest short films. That is where photography started for me. I began shooting professionally when I was asked to take family portraits in exchange for turkey dinner. Since then, my passion for photography and videography has grown into an art and business I am proud of.

Weddings are my jam. My first wedding was in France, in a castle, and it was amazing. I am a strong believer in love and there is nothing more special to me than being trusted to capture your wedding. I believe in human connection and I strive not only to create a professional relationship with my clients, but a trusting friendship where my clients feel comfortable enough to show their true connection in front of me and my camera.

My home is Halifax but I am currently travelling and staying in Sarnia, Ontario. I am always available worldwide and am willing/excited to travel anywhere!

I am also a Registered Nurse, with my passion being community based nursing. I always say nursing is my scientific side and photography is my creative side, but really they are similar in the sense that I am with you in some of the most intimate and vulnerable moments of your life. I’m guess I’m just weirdly drawn to those real, authentic life moments.

I hope you enjoy my work and I hope we can become friends!

W I T H L O V E, A L I C I A